Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Photoshoot Fun

I want to update my wall pictures of the kids. (The pictures are probably 5 years old.) And I need to add Gideon. However, I'm not planning to do a photo session with my favorite photographer until Spring. So, I needed some "in the meantime" photos of the kids. And then we had some fun.
(Seth and Carolyn are not pictured because I need to get a haircut for each of them first.)

First the pictures I am going to put on the wall. 
(I can't decide which one I want to use for Gideon.)

I'm leaning towards this one. I like the bow tie better, but I like the way he's facing in this one better.

Then pictures with our favorite baby brother...

 Then the fun pictures and edits!

Just working out on a hot summer day.
 (He got this little rattle barbel from my grandparents and uncle and aunt, so it had to be used in a photo as a prop!)


(They wanted to try photos with their hair blowing behind them.)

Natalie's really worked well with this fan effect.

Alee's initial reaction to photoshoot plan:
Gideon was just as excited for our plan.

Alee got into the idea after a while and made her own poses. And then she was promptly done.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August fun

Gideon went to church for the first time in July (after missing the Sunday we were in the hospital and the following Sunday when he was a week old). So 2 weeks old. I waited until his belly button thing fell off before putting on something nice, so here is 3 weeks old going to church.
(My mom made this outfit for Seth as a baby and pointed out to me that the reason it's so big on Gideon is because it's probably a 6 months size, not 3 months size, outfit.)

We finished library levels and got all of our prizes and coupons.

We started talking about Halloween. (Because I've always wanted to do a family theme but the kids have never agreed on a theme, and I've got a newborn. I'll need to start on costumes in September!)
Carolyn is trying to convince me to go for the mythical creatures theme with the dragon wings. (It's just a prototype; he can't have pink wings.) Seth sports a gnome hat for the same theme.

 August came and we went school supply shopping. (Rob and I did it together since...well, you can imagine.)
Gideon was cooperative. Can you see Gideon's blond patch?

We got all their supplies done. We also got Seth shoes and bras for girls (eww...Mom, did you just write "bras" on the blog for everyone to read?!) I can hear it now.
Supplies cost $150; shoes and clothes...I don't even remember?

I got a bathing sponge for him. I think he liked the towel better. :) But it's easier to wring out.

Because Gideon was blessed in church Sunday, we had family come in town to be there and be with us. Grandma got to visit and hold him on Saturday before everyone else got in town.
 Grammy has two grandbabies to hold this year. (Gideon's cousin is almost 3 months older than he is.)

Kaitlyn and Uncle Jacob have a stilt race on the back porch.

Grammy made his blessing outfit. The shoes are borrowed from Uncle David. (He can't fit in them right now anyways.)

After the kids were all ready and I was getting ready, my mom took this picture. I'm so glad she takes pictures all the time so I have them when I'm too busy to take them.
Our 6 kids:

Rob's mom and sister made most of the food for after the blessing (for all of us to eat together after church).
 I loved being able to visit everyone. Gideon was pretty good about letting others hold him...some of the time!

This week we have been busy with 2 eye doctor appointments, a library end of summer celebration, 1 school (freshman) orientation, glasses shopping, 1 well child checkup (with shot), boy scout court of honor, 6 dentist appointments (in one day), grocery shopping, and to end it all, Pioneer Celebration today!

We walked the mall and window shopped in Claire's while Kaitlyn was deciding on which glasses she wanted. This is what Gideon thinks of Claire's!
(Really, I think he was just mad that the stroller wasn't moving fast anymore.)

First doctor's shots are even sadder than other doctor's shots. :(

I tried taking some one month old pictures Tuesday, but my flash battery is dead, so they're not awesome. And Gideon has an opinion about photo shoots; he shares it at the end.

He's really not a big fan of the hat (although he wore it without griping for Pioneer Day celebration).

We are done here!

Pioneer Day:
(Pioneer Day is actually July 24, but our celebration was today.)

Making skirts or costumes to wear this year (and in future years) would have been awesome, but this is not the year for it! So everyone who wanted to put together whatever each could come up with.
Alee's was mine when I was 4, I think? Seth's came from his closet. Kaitlyn's was a Dorothy costume. We all had bonnets, though not everyone kept them on all day. (Natalie wore a regular skirt; Carolyn refused to participate in our fun dress up.)

 Homemade butter - It was fun for the kids to make and it's really good. (There were about 5 jars and the kids, youth, and adults all took turns shaking then jars of whipping cream/salt with a marble in it. Kaitlyn's is not quite separated yet.)

The handcarts were even more fun to play with.

Time with friends is most fun!

Watermelon seed spitting contest. (The bishop I think was the winner of that.)

Gideon just chilled. Didn't fuss about the heat (we stayed in the shade). He only fussed once during the handcart races when he had to wait for us to start moving.

Rope jumping. (I even joined in. I was grateful someone in my line landed on the rope after 4 or 5 jumps because that's about all I had in me before I had to quit!) The youth and kids kept trying to jump in 6 at a time.

Stick Pull

More handcart fun!

Handcart races. We did not win. But it was fun.

This wasn't a pioneer activity, just a tire swing on our friends' land where the activity was held.

And after the activity, Seth and the girls made more whirly-gigs with buttons and string and played with them for quite a while. Uncle Caleb called it the original figit spinner.

This coming week is much calmer (still some play dates, sleepovers, school registration, parties, but fewer big have to things like appointments). We are not really ready for school to start, but in some ways we are. (I like the beginning; I just get tired of the schedule soon after starting.) And I'm worried about being out the house by 7am with 5 kids in tow to pick up one from seminary and start our hour of school drop off! The afternoon pick up doesn't worry me so much.