Saturday, June 9, 2018

School is finished!

Now that the school year is finished, let me catch you up on everything from spring break through today!

I'll include some comments I want to remember, but mostly just enjoy the photos of the "good times" - meaning there are few pictures of homework, chores, and the evening routine, and many pictures of the fun and eventful moments.

The twins had a day camp for 11 year old girls - first time in a canoe. (Kaitlyn has green hat, Natalie has teal hat and white shirt.)

Rob found a used euphonium (close enough to a tuba); he's been wanting a tuba-like anything for years. You will hear his brushed up skills (from 20 years ago) in our recital this Saturday.

Note her newest fashion statement - the glasses chain.

Safety features coming!

If someone is practicing, Gideon is nearby.

Alee animal habitat project - sloth.

May the 4th be with you!
(Yes, he went to school like this on May the 4th, and no, there was no school-sponsored spirit day.)

My in-laws wanted to celebrate their anniversary with an overnight trip to a fun indoor water park hotel. I'll limit my pictures.

Gideon loves selfies.

Carolyn took an art class this year and has really blossomed.

 Gideon "helped" Rob build the step ladder for the playset built in April.

The twins dance recital was mother's day weekend (as always). They are standing on each end.

 I didn't get as good pictures this year; I was rushing - always rushed on Wednesdays.

Mother's day cards and art.

Safety at the top.

Why are the ears stuck??

Packing up for another room shuffle...(this time the playroom)

Carolyn and Natalie just got queen bed added.
(We're painting in June and I'll rotate curtains to match.)
 The "extension" bonus room gives them more room for 2nd dresser and laundry baskets.

Playroom is downstairs.

Finally got the rug for the den. (Partly, I put it off because we didn't have time to shop for it, and partly because even though we have the money, it hurts to spend so much on something you step on all the time!) It's so nice to have soft floor to sit/kneel/lie on though.

Seth has room across from ours. (Maybe one day we can get Gideon to stay in the crib longer than an hour so they can actually share!)

Wide angle lens (distorted, but you can see all of it)

Kaitlyn and Alee's room (still need to move the computer out and add "closet" racks to the corner. I've given up on picture perfect in my mind. They are slowly learning to purge; it's a work in progress. All chokeable toys stayed in their room rather than moving downstairs (also things like dress up that we do not want to share).

(Again, wide angle so you can see more)

One of the friends we had with us found this little guy in the lake.

Countdown to school being finished!
 (After each day was finished and we no longer had that number of days left, we popped the balloon that contained a paper with a fun surprise.)

9 days left - time to watch studio C (TV on a school night is rare for us).
        (Anything fun on a school night is rare for us.)
8 days left - breakfast treat tomorrow (baked goods)
7 days left - new music on the Sonos morning playlist (songs from The Greatest Showman and Descendant movies)
6 days left - double treat tonight (dessert pizza and movie candy)

We made our own "magic shell" with chocolate chips and shortening last Sunday. The girls just wanted their pretty desserts photographed.
 Sometimes he's needy for attention and sometimes he can play by himself. He played with cars for 30 minutes by himself before he got tired! (We were watching a broadcast of the prophet speaking to the youth.)

5 days left - breakfast treats tomorrow morning (donuts)
4 days left - Wendy's frosty for dessert (All but Alee like)

Library reading kick-off 
(bouncy house was Alee's favorite and popsicles were Gideon's)

The 3 oldest girls are jr. volunteers at the library this summer. They're excited.
(It does mean they didn't get to participate in all the activities of the kick-off because they were busy working there. It won't conflict with any other library activities though.)

3 days left - Pelican's snoballs (all but Seth like)

The twins graduated elementary school Thursday. (I officially have more older school kids going to middle/high school than younger kids now!)

2 days left - New movie (The Greatest Showman)

  • (Which they enjoyed with cousins while the adults women went wedding dress shopping with my soon-to-be sister-in-law. It was fun and we are all so excited for her to be a part of our family!)

1 day left - swimming at Pine Island

 (Yes, he went to school with a Mario hat on the last day.)

School is out!

Alee brought this home - if you know the answer to her riddle, text it to her!

We held our annual spring recital this morning. To see anything (the entire live feed that was recorded or the individual performance recordings), I'll have YouTube links below!

Happy Summer!

Links for recital videos:

Playlist of individual pieces

The live performance (as recorded by the Chromebook for live feed)

My channel (where you can click on VIDEOS and watch any recently or from the past)